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After a recent upgrade – I do them all the time, so I’m not sure which one – I found that I have a Blekko search bar on my Firefox (15.0.1)  ‘New Tab’.  Worse than that even my Google results have Blekko icons next to them.  I’ve tried these types of search results post processors before, and really don’t like them.  Also that slow my already snail-like laptop down.

How do I get rid of Blekko?

A web search reveals it is a tool or a nasty piece of Malware, but my scanners haven’t picked up on it.  Turns out I have it because of Ad-aware  .  This page is a piece of fiction as far as I can tell.

The only way to rid myself of this is to go into Add-ons (Tools Add-ons) and disable BOTH:

  • Ad-Aware security Add on (2.2)
  • Lavasoft Search Plugin (0.6)

I assume my browsing is now less safe (or might it just be more safe?)

My Free AVG security toolbar and AVG SafeSerach was disabled because it isn’t compatible with Firefox 15.

More scans required, I think.

Very poor for Mozilla to be updating like this – so the others can’t keep up

Lavasoft are definitely off my Christmas card list, and may be off my machine too.


Written by fisherpeter

2012 October 26 at 20:23

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